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Woo Commerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for the CMS WordPress. WooCommerce started as a simple plugin, but has grown into a huge community and much more than just a single small plugin. WooCommerce is one of the most popular webshop systems and has been downloaded millions of times worldwide.


The story of WooCommerce begins in 2008, when three WordPress enthusiasts meet through a forum. They indicate that they really like WordPress and that they see a future in it. Together they decide to develop a webshop system, which you can install as a plugin on an existing WordPress website. WooCommerce is born. Together they founded a company: WooThemes, which is still the big name behind WooCommerce today.


WooThemes has created many WooCommerce themes and plugins: templates and plugins developed especially for WooCommerce. They don’t add anything on a website without WooCommerce. Think for example of a plugin that adds a newsletter subscription form to the order confirmation page. If you don’t have WooCommerce, then this plugin is completely useless. So we call such a plugin a WooCommerce plugin.

In itself, the standard functionality of WooCommerce is already incredibly good. So you can easily enter products, both simple products and variable products. Different VAT rates, separate shipping and billing address, deliver to other countries than your own country, be able to pay, offers, product categories and sub categories.

Woo Commerce

However, you can also use plugins especially for WooCommerce. For example, you can download a plugin with which you can easily import your products from a CSV list. For example, if you resell products and your supplier provides you with CSV lists, this can save you a lot of work because you do not have to manually enter your products.

Or a real product designer, who makes it possible for visitors to design a product themselves. For example, by uploading a photo, adding a company logo, your own text, and so much more. Very handy when you sell business cards, or mugs, or t-shirts, or photos, etc.


A WooCommerce webshop is stable and at the same time very flexible. You can do anything with it for a well running webshop. It works incredibly easy for the webshop owner: it is clear and easy to maintain.

In addition to the standard products you can also add variable products in WooCommerce, which means that you can sell products with various options (such as different sizes, colours and/or designs). And every variation has its own price. Sounds complicated? It doesn’t at all! You can also sell downloadable products. Think for example of e-books.


Offering products online also requires a secure payment solution. Of course, you want to be able to link this to your webshop in an easy and quick way. That is why we can of course also install a plugin for you with which you can add iDEAL to your webshop in no time.


WordPress is known as a very user friendly CMS and with this in mind they developed WooCommerce. They are satisfied with the user friendliness and possibilities of WooCommerce, because of the many plugins you can easily install. It is therefore good in terms of SEO. There is a plugin that you can also use for WooCommerce websites.

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