Problem Management

Problem management is the process of managing the lifecycle of all problems that occur or may occur in an IT service. Problem management is a critical aspect of IT Service Management (ITSM). IT Problem Management makes use of

ITIL processes or other IT service methods to prevent problems, improve problem solving and reduce the amount/impact of incidents when they occur.

Let’s imagine a situation

An employee did not have access to a reporting system. He/she had made an incident, which IT specialists solved quickly. A daily workflow was restored, but valuable time was lost. The consequences could have been even worse: the employee had to prepare a report for a management meeting or make an important decision based on the system’s data, etc. The employee had no access to a reporting system. But that wasn’t the end of the story. The next morning, and the day after, the incident repeated itself. However, this time not only for this employee, but also for a number of other colleagues.

This example gives a clear picture of how the situation will evolve if the company only carries out incident management. In addition, if IT specialists have the number of incidents as their KPI, they can concentrate on processing the incidents without identifying and resolving the underlying causes.
It goes without saying that incident management is very important. The ability to define a root cause by means of structured problem analysis followed by documenting solutions and solutions in the knowledge base enables the systematic resolution of deeper problems. This means that Problem Management helps to reduce the number of incidents, which improves the efficiency of the workflow.

In addition to a reactive approach, when IT specialists identify and try to solve the problems that have led to the incidents that have already occurred, a proactive approach is also possible. In other words, Problem Management makes it possible to define and solve a problem well in advance before it causes an incident.
Hilkon Management & Consultancy offers robust Problem Management strategies that are compatible with ITIL and that increase the availability of IT services while increasing IT service quality and decreasing problems.

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