Incident Management

Downtime exists in every IT organization. Although the technology reduces the business impact, downtime continues to test the responsiveness and understanding of an IT organization’s business processes. Incident Management are the processes of an organization that are used to manage one or more outages or imminent outages.

Organisational responsiveness to failure has a direct impact on the length of the failure and the coordination needed to reduce the failure.

A proactive approach to Incident Management reduces response time, improves communication, maintains continuity of business processes and reduces impact. The processes during an incident can be predictable and reliable. By means of observation, organizational learning, practical testing of both own and hired personnel, you can get a good Incident Management process.

Why Hilkon Management & Consultancy?

Effective Incident Management is a learned behaviour. Hilkon Management & Consultancy works to understand your culture, identify work processes, and then integrate best practices for incident management processes that best fit your environment.

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