Change Management

Change management in IT often involves managing changes in software and hardware. Complex matter about which much has already been written, but not what it is all about. How do you successfully implement IT changes in a controlled way?

in organizations. Organizations today are extremely dynamic. The structures, direction, resources, information needs and therefore also the necessary support by IT is constantly changing.

Even when the impossible is done by the IT department and miracles are performed, the introduction and adaptation of IT systems often leads to resistance in the organization.

Resistance comes in two flavours, conscious resistance, for example political or self-interest, or unconscious resistance, caused by natural human behaviour. The human brain prefers to avoid change because it costs scarce energy. With as logical consequence all possible arguments not to deviate from the learned way of thinking and working. Change management aims to reduce/eliminate resistance by changing culture and personal behavior.

When changes have a major impact on employees and their commitment, change management is a necessary tool for the successful implementation of changes in organizations. The key to success is personal attention. An example; many employees are only able to really listen after they have been heard. Learning new techniques by placing a new manual on the intranet will not lead to successful change for this group. In the consultancy practice we see on a daily basis how you can achieve real results by making the changes personal. This way, people cannot hide behind ‘the business’ and start to see why the requested change contributes to the bigger picture. In this way you guide the organization from resistance to acceptance and thus contribute to successful implementations of methods and techniques.

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