Who and what does Hilkon do?

I can help you with all kind of Management & Consultancy issues / assignment or webdesign.

Meet Michel

Hilkon is based in Amsterdam and founded by Michel Hilverts (me) in 2015 under the name Hilkon Management & Consultancy. The name Hilkon is a combination of the families from which I originated. My father’s surname (Hilverts) and my mother’s maiden name (Koning).

As the name suggests, it started working in the Management & Consultancy areas at the time. 

Nowadays, however, a lot more is being done! The activities are extensive in the online area; Web Design, Webshops and of course the management of these matters.

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Here I stand for

There are a lot of good reasons to work with Hilkon, but some of them are top of the list. I am responsible, transparent, people-oriented and a deal is a deal. On these points you can always appeal me. These are things that come back in every project and with every client.

Honesty, Integrity

In my communication and dealings with colleagues, suppliers, contractors, and the general public – I am trustworthy and act with transparency; I am honest and allow people to question or challenge without fear, I follow through my commitments.


I am transparent and straightforward. I expect the same from everyone working with or working for me. I believe transparency increases advocacy, loyalty, engagement and commitment.


I act responsible for my individual and collective actions. Acting responsibly means acting accountable and taking ownership. I do what we say!


For me, quality is good business and also good ethics. I do my best to provide my customers with high quality products and services. I encourage everyone to embrace their responsibilities, enjoy the process of solving problems, and provide effective solutions and added value to customers.


Trust is the most important business and asset I manage especially in my relations with my customers and business partners. My work environment is open, honest and collaborative and I want everyone to feel comfortable and trust their ideas are received.


"Behind every great product is a great team” therefore I believe in listening to everyone, hearing everyone and trusting each other.


I respect and appreciate differences in ethnicity, gender, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, education and religion amongst my colleagues and partners. We all contribute with diverse perspectives, experience, knowledge and culture.

Result Driven

Committing and getting to results are crucial for me. I live upto the promises I make and work hard to get the things done. I am dedicated to achieving results for my customers and my stakeholders.

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Successful consultancy and web design assignments for several years

In recent years I have carried out successful consultancy and web design assignments from my home office or client’s office.

Webdesign Services For Any Business.

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